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Thread: Elgin A11 service

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    Elgin A11 service

    Just spend a leisurely 30 mins watching this old girl getting serviced (stop giggling in the back)
    Itís in amazing condition for something nearly 80 years old.
    I guess it was never issued and sat in a box for all that time. A little time capsule in more ways than one!

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    Thanks for posting. Interesting to see how it is made up. I like the coin edged bezel.

    Perhaps I need an Elgin A11 to make a set. I have three: Bulova, Hamilton and Waltham, or specifically a silver cased Bulova A11, Hamilton USN so an A11 with lumed hands and 6B/234 so a Waltham A11 with RAF markings.

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    What a lovely thing!
    Die Zeit verwandelt uns nicht, sie entfaltet uns nur.

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    cool video mine in just as good shape they do exist.

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    Excellent video, very well filmed indeed and an amazing piece of WW2 history in prime condition......thanks for posting.

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