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Thread: Advice for child's music player with Spotify

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    Advice for child's music player with Spotify

    I'm looking for our 10-year-old daughter's Christmas present in the form of a music player that she can stream and download Spotify tracks on.

    We're an entirely apple family so iPod touch seems the obvious choice but I'm open to ideas.

    We're also not going to spend 400 on it so it will either need to be a refurb or a less sophisticated device. We're not tight but it's not her main present and we're not going nuts this year. Say, 100ish?

    Does anyone know the earliest generation of iPod Touch we can still use with the current Spotify? We're on Premium so the kids have their own accounts and can download if needed.

    The other thing that has me stumped about the Touch is why buy that and not a refurb iPhone 6 or 7? She'll be getting her own phone next year to start secondary school anyway so maybe I should be thinking ahead?

    We'd pretty much have it locked down so it would only be a music player.

    I hate Christmas

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    Id definitely say a refurbed iphone
    Obviously you could use it without a sim and really no need to download music - its all there on Spotify
    100 could possibly get you a tidy iPhone 7 or 8

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    My daughter uses her Iphone SE2 as a tablet in all but name, it does music fine, but she even plays Genshin Impact on it and that's an AAA game. They are surprisingly cheap second hand on ebay.

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