Really confused with this one.

Sold something on EBay to a buyer in the US using the Global Shipping Programme. Listing ended on Friday and the buyer paid Saturday morning with the funds being directed to the Managed Payments System. Value circa £500.00.

Usually I’d post the same day but being Saturday, I knew the item wouldn’t land at the Ebays processing HQ until Tuesday irrespective of whether I sent on the Saturday or posted Monday morning en route to work.

Receive an email from EBay this evening directing me to address a payment dispute. Logged in to EBay and sure enough my buyer has raised an “item not received” chargeback request with their card issuer on Saturday. My funds are subsequently on hold and my options are to 1. accept the dispute and refund the buyer or 2. challenge the dispute and provide a proof of delivery.

All a bit strange. Not sure how I’m expected to get the buyer their item from the UK to the US on the same day. Likewise shocked that the buyers payment provider would entertain raising the chargeback request for information given they only placed the order that day.

At a loss. Has the buyer had a change of heart and is possibly using a chargeback as their get out? Alternative is it’s some form of scam but boy they lack any patience. Surely you wouldn’t raise an issue the same day..........

I would have a valid proof of delivery as the item is going to Ebays Shipping Centre so would expect Sellers Protection as they facilitate the onward Shipping to the buyers US address, but I’m not going to risk the headache. I will be speaking to EBay tomorrow and will accept the dispute and refund. Having read a few articles on the Managed Payments, it seems the chargeback dispute route is open to all kinds of abuse and if you challenge and lose, EBay kindly charge you £14.00 plus vat. Nice.

Wondering if anyone has come across anything similar?