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Thread: FedEx Breakdown

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    FedEx Breakdown

    Domestic FedEx seems to be in complete chaos at the moment. I had 2 parcels last week that were delayed by a few days just sitting in UK hubs. They eventually used these 3rd party 'same-day delivery services', which essentially means the parcels were passed on to non-FedEx drivers. In both cases the driver didn't ask for a signature and just left the parcel outside.

    Another one this week just sitting at the Huntingdon hub at the moment - called them just now and was told that there's a massive backlog that they can't even keep track

    I wonder if that's the case for other couriers too?

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    It’s happening with all of the carriers, we have hundreds of parcels a week at work, the order that they are arriving in is very random, the worst people for screwing things up are UK customs, it’s a Black hole

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    It started last week.
    I got an email from our insurer to say that the domestic service was FUBAR after a significant technical problem with their sorter at the Marston Gate national hub.
    They said they were suspending the service and all new collections, and would be working to deal with packages currently in the system.

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    I’m in a similar position with FedEx. Ordered something last week and the seller has sent it in 2 boxes. One was delivered today to my home in NI and the other box is currently sat in GB.

    Been told that FedEx had an ‘operational’ issue last week meaning they stopped accepting parcels for 24 hours. I have also been told they acquired TNT last week, so they may be having further problems with the integration of that business. The FedEx app and the updates they provide are very poor.

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    The issues at Marston gate were huge over 200 lorries waiting to get in to unload according to our local driver, apparently I was one of the more understanding customers, (well it saved me having to process the whole delivery at work).

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    Been waiting since 4th October for a parcel from Fedex - every day I get a 'local delay' update.
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