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Thread: 7002-7000

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    Hi.. I have one of these surplus to requirements and was thinking of using it as the basis for my first ever mod, which would include a movement change. Does anyone have any ideas/tips/recommendations? I'm not sure that I've ever seen a mod based on this model and unsure how interchangeable the various dials, hands etc. are.

    Thanks in advance for any heelp

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    Seiko 7002-7000 has a 32mm glass and shares the same glass seal as the modern Seiko SRP777, you could fit a 32mm large bevelled Seiko 6105 glass.

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    I'm pretty sure that any of the many aftermarket bezel inserts designed for the SKX007 (7s26 movement) will fit your watch, as will hands made for the 7s26 movement. Dials for the 7s26 movement may fit but this depends on the crown position. The SKX007 has the crown positioned just before 4 (I think) but I'm not sure about the 7002, also the 7002 is date only whilst the SKX007 has a day/date so many of the dials designed for the 007 will have a day/date window - hence not really suitable for the 7002. There are date only, or no date, dials available for the 007 so you may be OK with one of those.

    That probably sounds very confusing but it's simpler than it sounds - hope this helps :)
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