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Thread: Is this a re-cased 1980 Fatboy?

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    Is this a re-cased 1980 Fatboy?

    As in the title, what is going on here?

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    It is clearly a Frankenstein watch. This is a 1985 watch due to the smaller case size with a 1980/81 early dial put in.

    It’s the wrong case size for a 1980 watch, the movement wouldn’t fit in and the battery hatch would be too small for the required 368 battery. Don’t know if a 1985 case back would fit on a 1980 Fatboy.

    Not sure why the seller has done this unless they don’t know what they are doing or they just have a large collection of parts.
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    Interesting, so it looks like a 1985 watch with a 1980 dial and maybe hands transplant.
    Scumbag scammer trying to make extra cash.
    A little knowledge here is a great benefit!

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