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Thread: Project Binky info re completion

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    Project Binky info re completion

    This is their post just now on the Youtube feed . . .

    "You may have seen photos and videos of a "completed" Binky floating around the internet. Two years ago, we were asked to come and show off the mini at the very first Historic Rally Festival in the UK. As big rally fans and as it was just down the road from us in Shropshire, we jumped at the chance. Due to the pandemic, the event got postponed three times but finally the late August 2021 date was set in stone and we moved heaven and earth in August to try and have the car finished. Despite the all nighters and drafting in help, we failed. It wasn't finished in time, but it kinda looked like it. We made a commitment to the organisers to be there and we damn well weren't going to break that promise. It wasn't our intention to have the mini appearing on other's channels, but we knew we ran the risk at a public event. Don't worry though, you will all get to see the car finished fairly soon. We've had some set-backs along the way and we are having to undo a lot of the work we did before the event so we can actually film it all for you - we didn't have time while we were rushing to get to Weston Park. Hoping to get episode 37 out in the next couple of weeks or so as most of it is already filmed, the last section is taking some time because what Nik is planning is utterly insane."

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    My guess is Nik's found a way to make a car completely from brackets that's powered by funk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaOmega View Post
    My guess is Nik's found a way it make a car completely from brackets that's powered by funk.
    And an angle grinder and a strange object that beeps a lot

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    Make the noise.

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