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Thread: The Forgotten Battle on Netflix

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    The Forgotten Battle on Netflix

    The story of the assault on the island of Walcheren in the SW part of the Netherlands. The Allied had Antwerp, but they needed the route to Antwerp secured: the river Scheld. On the north side, on Walcheren: the Germans, on the south side, the Allied forces. The ships on the river would be sitting ducks!

    It was a long and fierce battle in thick clay, inundated land and Germans in foxholes. Added to that: Walcheren is absolutely flat. No place to hide, no place to cover. For background info about the real battle, search:

    Operation Switchback
    Operation Vitalily
    Operation Infatiuate

    I haven't seen it yet, but at least they've paid attention to the distinct Dutch dialect that's spoken in the movie. It is spot-on! Hopefully that's a sign of good quality! (7,5 on IMDB)
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    Cheers I will have a watch

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    Not streaming in the UK yet, only a short trailer is on view.

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    I think it's out on the 15th of October.

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