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Thread: New Kickstarter Campaign live - Siduna Expedition Chronograph

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    New Kickstarter Campaign live - Siduna Expedition Chronograph

    Just thought you guys might like to know.
    Siduna are Kickstarter funding their next watch, the Expedition. It can be seen here.

    As is customary for these things, there is a reaonable amount of aspirational guff in the pitch, but there is zero doubt in my mind that one of these chronos

    in this guise or with a blue dial (and Arabic numerals)

    For the Night Owl price of 794 (including taxes) - is a TOTAL bargain - even the next two tiers of price after that one is gone are very reasonable (879 and 939, both allow 2 more dial choices).

    The level of finish and detailing on the dial is impressive, and the movement will be a customised Swiss auto, of the 7750 family (the pitch suggests that the actual choice will be made dependent on backer numbers).

    In fact they reckon 89% of the watch is European made.

    I have to be honest that this is not my style of watch, really, but I am sorely tempted as it looks pretty lovely.


    ps - For clairty I should say that I am an early adopter of the Siduna brand, owning one of the first M3440s for a while now. But I am only a customer.
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    That's rather nice. Thanks for sharing!

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    It sounds like great value but not sure Id get much use out of a 42mm dress chrono.

    I really like their current aviation chronograph, Id love to see something more along those lines (eg diver / field watch). Ill keep a close eye, for sure.

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