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Thread: Doxa- Frog - Seestern

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    another person here with the faulty batch email.
    Took the tenner off and a rubber strap for the delay and stuck with the order.

    It will be interesting to see how quick they turn this around.

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    Doxa- Frog - Seestern

    So all sized for the frog and on wrist

    Itís a nice thing
    Though j canít see the date as my eyes are poo

    Iíve got a seestern too to size snd try
    They clearly are out of the same factory

    I think the baby blue dial looks lovely on both so may sell this and get the blue or just keep them for autumn spring lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaketheCannoli View Post
    Haha, I have bought the yellow and and have been wondering whether I should have gotten the one you have!


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    Tbh other than the colour of the dials they all appear pretty much the same

    The seestern I have needs sizing but next to the frog itís pretty much the same other than the dial

    All the huff about the bezel on frog doesnít worry me - i donít even paddle since almost drowning in a freak accident a couple of years ago

    So for the monies - Iíd not go over about 130

    Would I buy a doxa ? Maybe - but they just donít look great value having watched the review with JOMW

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    Quote Originally Posted by sish101 View Post
    I bought an orange Tactical Frog after a WTB, as I'd always fancied a Doxa but didn't want to find I'd shelled out for something I didn't actually get on with. Having had it on the wrist for a week and been very happy with its dimensions and appearance, it's confirmed my view that I'd very much like a classic orange Doxa, so much so that I'll be ordering one from Jura next month.

    I'll be putting the 'Frog on Sales Corner at the weekend. It has served its purpose and I hope it'll be appreciated by its next owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigvic View Post
    From the same company, is this a bit too close for comfort to be a "homage"?
    Even so it's not exactly a cheapie at £565.
    Hruodland have been doing this style of watch for a year or so now for sub £200

    and various Ali shops

    If you look around there are some nice 'fumee' style dials too.

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    For those who missed the Seestern.

    Watchdives have the V2 frog available from today.

    No frog text on the dial and the bezel has been sorted too.

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    I've often fancied an orange Doxa having read most of the old Cussler books and after seeing the praise for the Seesterns on here I wanted to see one in the flesh.

    I damn well knew that when a watch pal of mine I haven't seen for a few weeks turned up at home yesterday he'd have one on.

    He'd only had it three days but when I was pleasantly surprised by the build and finish quality my Mrs managed to wrestle it from him for my birthday later in the month.

    He's ordering the blue one now.

    Very nice pieces at an incredible price.

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