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Thread: SOTC - a bakers dozen

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    SOTC - a bakers dozen

    I always enjoy reading forum members SOTC threads as I find it fascinating how totally different peoples collections can be, large, small, diverse or specific etc. My collection has not really changed to much over the years, it's had a few in's & out's but with a few keepers its grown to 13. Before you read on I must warn you there is no Rolex, Panerai or Omega content........anyway, if you are sitting comfortably, lets begin.

    Baume et Mercier Capeland - my first proper automatic watch, bought by me after a few years in work, suroundered by Rolex Sub wearing colleagues I just wanted something a bit different, plus the fact that back then I thought £3800 to drop on a brand new Rolex Sub was a lot of money to spend on one watch! I was happy with my one watch for a good few years but then I discovered Timezone UK & one watch turned into a few more......

    Precista PRS50B - a 40th birthday presant (12 years ago) I was sold on the look & the story behind the building of the watch, the movement used, the limited number made etc, I was not disappointed, it is a beautful watch extreamly well made, a real quality feel.

    Precista PRS3 LE - bought off Sales Corner by me after experiancing the quality of the PRS50B, again another quality piece from Eddie & as others have said its an extreamly comfortable watch to wear.

    Seiko Orange Monster - I wanted a beater & I wanted colour (never really worn it as a proper beater) now more of a day time holiday watch.

    Anonimo Cronoscopio MKII - I first saw one on this forum, it was a Mk I on an origional Anonimo bracelet (rare). Once I'd seen it, read up on the history behind the brand, I knew I wanted one, the hard part was going to be finding one. Well I did find one & its a limited edition Ox-B Drass which I believe reffers to the case finish, like a PVD coating but this cannot be scratched off.

    Heuer 2000 Chrono Auto - another Sales Corner purchase, I do like my cars / motor racing & Heuer is synonymous with both. An Autavia was out of my league & I do like a chrono (as you will probably gather) it also had to be Heuer not a Tag Heuer. Anyway, its a very nice watch, very much of its era & looks decidedly small compared to some of my other watchs but still wears well (not to small on the wrist).

    Rado - Green Horse after the Heuer I got interested in older (not quite vintage) watches & for one reason or another I started looking at all the different Rado offerings in their various 'horse' ranges. I ended up purchasing this one off a well known auction site no box or papers to see what it was all about. Its a beautiful little watch, the anchor still rotates in the dial, I've had it serviced by my local man who confirmed its all Rado movement etc & I think the jubilee sets it off nicely.

    Tudor Heritage Chrono - The watch that relaunched Tudor, worn by Tom Cruise in one of the Mission Impossibles & now by me! Also links to motor sport & its a chronograph.

    Longines Hydroconquest Quartz - All my watches are auto's so I wanted somthing that I could grab & go, I like the fact that it kinda looks Sub'ish without being a copy, it has its own provinance & I also like the two tone. I'd also rather buy a new watch than a watch winder.

    Anonimo Millimetri - I had to spend some time in hospital & I needed to cheer myself up. I had always fancied another Anonimo & I didn't have anything yellow in my collection.

    Squale Tropic GMT Ceramic - when Gnomon commissioned these from Squale on a limited run I missed out, too slow off the mark, but I kept my eye out for one (even put a wanted post out if I remember rightly). Anyway met a forum member by London Bridge & after an exchange of funds managed to add one of these to the collection.

    Eterna Kontiki Super 1973 LE - Another watch I have always fancied, I remember my dad reading Thor Heyerdahl's book on the Kontiki voyage back in the day. Unfortnuatly I have slim wrists so the origional bracelet is too big for me so its on a generic shark mesh, which does mean I have a mint / unworn original bracelet sitting in its watch box. I am a qualified PADI open water diver so 'some' of my divers have actually been diving, although this one has not....yet.

    Frederique Constant Highlife Chrono Moonphase - my latest edition, another chrono but my first Moonphase, with display back. I had a Frederique Constant open heart dress watch briefly that i moved on via Watchfinder (for a small profit, always a first). However I was struck by the build quality & the feel of that watch. So I have always kept my eye out for interesting Frederique Constant watches. This one I bought only a few days ago & its not been off my wrist since. I have often wondered why brands like Frederique Constant & Maurice lacroix RRP their watches well into 4 figures but then get heavily discounted in the second hand market as to me they look & feel like a quality watch, I guess its probably not a mainstream enough brand or maybe its just the way the internals are put together, then again FC use in house movements....maybe someone else can answer that.

    I hope you enjoy my ramblings & even like my watch choices (some of them anyway).

    ps Corvette's are also my thing........
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    That's an eclectic mix, I like your style

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    Nice mix and nice back story on these, thanks for sharing. I do like the Heritage (you are Ethan Hunt!), and the suitability of the Eterna on the slimmer mesh gives me encouragement (I've always liked the 1973 LE, but stayed away due to my smallish 6.75 wrists). On FC and ML, I'd say perception, youth, and discounting begets discounting (your slight profit notwithstanding).

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    Proper Anonimo, always thought they were brilliant. Envious of yours!


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    That's a nice interesting collection, plenty of different from the norm which is always cool. The Heuer is the real highlight for me, lovely thing.

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    I really like the black Anonimo. The case finishing looks great.
    One of the lads that works from me has an identical Heuer to yours, he got it for his 18th and it sat in a box for years. He asked me to change the battery in it a couple of years ago and it fired right up and is still going strong. The build quality of those earlier Heuers is really good.
    It s a great collection and itís nice to see some different brands and models, thank you for taking the time to share.

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    Very nice collection indeed. Iíve never heard of Anonimo so will need to do some reading!

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    Super collection there, I'd be glad to wear any of them. I keep looking at Squale as a next purchase.

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    Enjoyed your post, thanks.
    Great diversity, Heuer and Tudor for me.

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    That B&M is a bit of a looker.

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    sunny norn iron
    Very nice mix, great to see something a bit different
    I particularly like the Eterna

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    Thanks for the responses to my post guys & I'm glad you like at least some of my watch choices. I guess my little collection is a little bit left field although there are a few of the more 'popular' brands in amongst them. The one thing I have got from re-reading my thread today is that most of the bracelets could do with a damn good clean!

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