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Thread: Facebook Hacked

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    Facebook Hacked

    Hacked and hackers have set up 2 factor authentication on it so Iím now locked out of My own account.Facebook help is useless you just go round in a loop.Any one else had this?

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    Their procedures are a joke.

    Mine's not been hacked, but I've not used it in a year or so, and their verification procedure has provided me with the names and profile pictures of 5 'friends', who I have to contact through means other than Facebook (they suggest calling them or meeting-up with them!), who then need to provide me with a security code. Three out of the five 'friends' have to do this for me to gain access, and all they provide are their username and a very low res profile picture. Funnily enough, 2/5 aren't proper names, and only 1 has their face in their profile picture.

    4/5 of these people I knew over 15 years ago, and I have not had contact with them via Facebook since then, so no chance of having their numbers to contact them. Why on earth Facebook didn't choose people they know I've had more recent contact with, I have no idea. You can't even request a refresh of the people selected, it just stays with the same 5.

    That is the only verification method they offer. So bye bye my Facebook (which I've not used in many, many years). No great loss, but a ridiculous security system.

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