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Thread: Thruxton in the MX5

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    Thruxton in the MX5

    Decided to take the MX5 on track at Thruxton. It's the fastest circuit in the UK, but despite being on an active airfield, has a very low noise limit - 90db static. My Exige is 96.5bd static so way too loud. My wife also had a drive. Her first time on track.

    Pics & a couple of short video clips if you're interested.

    The little car was heroic. Loads of body roll but great grip from the Bridgestone Road tyres, brakes stayed strong all day (helped by me always being hard & late on them) it was a joy to drive and we claimed several higher powered scalps.

    The circuit is sublime. Would love to be able to get on with the Lotus, but that doesn't look likely.

    Wanted - Damasko DA38 or DC80 Green - not the black versions. Bell & Ross BR03-92 Nightlum

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    Sounds and looks like you had a smashing day there Andy...

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    Great stuff. Love Thruxton - it's the fastest I've been on a circuit.

    I've embedded your clips, Andy.

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    Excellent fun!

    Was your wife accompanied by an instructor?

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    One circuit Iíve never even visited and I really should, the golf would go well Iím sure

    Great photos looks fabulous

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    Nice photos & vids :)
    Good cars apart from the chocolate gearbox. They increased the power on the later models but removed the torque to rectify this problem.
    Mate has a 262 bhp monster, donít ask about the cost, but he builds & races them for a living.

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