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Thread: Watches - who got what?

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    Watches - who got what?

    While reading about the history of pilot watches I started thinking about how watches were issues and assigned and who got what. If we limit this to the UK armed force (and I grant that is still probably too broad of a topic) how were watches issued and how does it work today.

    I assume each of the services handled it differently but considering the RAF, were navigator watches only issued to navigators? In the 70's when you have both the chronographs and the three handers, how was assignment done.

    There may well be multiple web pages dedicated to this topic, that I have failed to find, but interested in hearing more here.

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    I am not sure actually
    If you needed an accurate watch you would have been given one, I presume single seaters would get a chrono if available. I am sure it would depend on what was available in stores are the time you went to draw your kit.
    That said I know one former C130 pilot who was issued a Omega 53 Fat Arrow when he joined up in the late 80s and another current instructor at Valley who has never been issued a watch and wears a cheap gshock that he bought himself.

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