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Thread: Garage build price!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tz-uk73 View Post
    Agreed, youíll pay the vat on the materials, I did. But, my builder was adding 15% on all the materials he bought for my job. So if you could avoid the labour vat and the materials add on costs, and direct source some stuff either second hand etc youíll save a considerable sum.

    But, and itís a big but. Depends how much you want to be involved. I was much more involved than I wanted to be, but I couldnít afford the £2.5k plus vat of the proper building firms round here. So I had to be more involved, it was stressful, but cheaper.
    I have absolutely no problem getting fully involved, I've already said that I will demolish existing garage and decking, I can even get a local friend to pop down and dig out footings etc if it saves time and money, more than happy to order all materials required through a local merchants as well.
    Basically if it saves me money then I'll get stuck in.

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    Iíve saved a few ££ by doing stuff myself when we had a lot less money eg doing some of a kitchen and a complete bathroom painting and decorating having a lot of stuff done now that a canít do my self and itís costing a small fortune

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