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Thread: Walking Hadrians Wall...anyone done it?

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    Walking Hadrians Wall...anyone done it?

    I'm at a reunion camping weekend in Brampton in mid-August.

    I've always fancied the idea of walking Hadrians Wall, and am thinking of going up to Brampton a few days early, getting across to Wallsend, and walking back in time for my reunion.

    I'm unsure whether I should pack light and stay at guest houses (assuming they exist along the Wall), or go whole hog and camp along the way. I'd want to overnight at campsites

    Visiting the Roman musuems and sites en route would be the plan.

    Any pointers or advice would be welcomed!


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    Did you watch Robson Green

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    Iíve not done it.


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    How much weight would you save packing light?

    How much further would you walk to get to the guest houses?

    My preference would be to mix and match - pack to allow for a tent and stay at guest houses some nights to get a shower and proper nights sleep.

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    A good helpful website to start .
    Iíve only ever done small sections of it, namely in and around Newcastle , a day out of Hexham and the area around Cawfield. The short stretch from Sycamore Gap to Cawfields quarry is a particular favourite for its amazing views and well defined course with some fairly decent climbs and descents . The Roman forts of Vindolanda and Birdoswald arenít too far away and deserve a visit in their own right .
    Itíll be busy in August too so taking a tent would seem a good option unless you have bookings along the way in advance . Booking a hotel or BnB gives you a good target to set yourself to as well .

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    I've done it walking from Carlisle to Newcastle in 2 days (charity thing). Thoroughly enjoyed it but didn't have time for Museums, I do recall the last few miles were less fun than the ones before!

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    I'd guest house it, the weather can be grim on the borders.

    Having walked the lakes, Snowdonia and Dales in the distant past, there were a few nights where only a warm dry guest house or hostel was capable of drying us out enough to walk in dry clothes the next day and walking in wet clothes is no fun.


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    I live 2 miles from Brampton.
    I'm off to work now, but I'll post up some info later.
    There's loads of acomm on the route, but Coronavirus has made UK holidays very popular this year. Get searching early!

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    Am thinking the same with my Son, camping most likely. Would be interested in any further info on this.

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    The key to walking the wall is to be prepared for the weather. It can be sunny and glorious or rain all day. Even in July.
    Personally I would alternate campsites and solid-roof accommodation, so at least you know you have a dry bed with some radiators 24-36 hours off.

    both very useful.

    Airbnb and Youth Hostel Association (they have one at The Sill for Campsites.

    Around Brampton, Lanercost, Walton and East there are loads and loads of campsites, guesthouses, Yurts, BNBs because there's an infinite supply walkers, all year round, walking the Wall! I only really know the Cumbria bits, east of Haltwhistle is foreign to me!

    Be aware, there is no Uber outside of Newcastle (none in Carlisle) and the villages have at best 2-3 taxis. Not 2-3 taxis companies, 2-3 taxi vehicles. That said they are very reliable.

    Most of the pubs nearby have rooms to rent, and this is the luxury trip. Food, beer, radiators and a solid bed. But very few are on the Wall Path, because unless the pub is 2000 years old, nobody ever gets planning permission to develop !
    is a really good webpage
    -also very useful but a bit out of date. He lists and links actual accom.

    Your issue for 2021 is going to be availability, because Staycations are the norm and everything is really booked up.

    One of my mates did a Pub Crawl Wall Walk, whereby he stayed in a series of pubs vaguely close to the Wall. Cycled over to it each day to lay feet on the 2000 year old stones, but basically pub-ed it each night and poisoned himself with fried bacon and black pudding breakfasts for a week! There;s no medal for completing a 100% Wall walk.

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    Walked the length of it as a kid, with my parents. Their method was drop adult and one child at start point and they set off. Drive to planned end of walk for that day, then meet up in the middle for lunch, hand over set of car keys and they then collected other two and car at end of each walk.
    It worked well and the weather was very kind.

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    Thank you for the inspiring replies. I did it in my motorhome a few years ago, and quite fancy the idea of yomping across from Newcastle to Brampton. I'll follow up on all recommendations and see if I can give it a go!



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