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Thread: Damasko DC66 & DC67 Discontinued?

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    Damasko DC66 & DC67 Discontinued?

    I was just browsing Damasko's online store and I noticed that both the DC66 & DC67 are no longer listed.

    They use an unmodified 7750 so obviously not connected to the rollout of the new A26 movement, so I wonder if they have been dropped from the lineup. It would be a shame if they have dropped it, because these along with the DA36/37 & DC56/57 they are the timepieces that effectively gave birth to their watch making business. Mike Stuffler over on Watchuseek seems to suggest that they might be struggling to get hold of Valjoux 7750 movements as they are now 'unavailable'. If that's the case all of their chronographs must be at risk as they all use in house modified versions of the 7750.

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    Interesting move.

    I'm going to hazard an uninformed guess that they may be working on their own chrono movement and so may be allowing existing stocks of 7750-based chronos to run-out. This is pretty much what they did with other in-house movement introductions.

    While 7750s may have become scarce, Sellita 500-family movements are near-identical, so I see no real need to suffer a blip in production.

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