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Thread: This could be an expensive mistake.. VC question

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    This could be an expensive mistake.. VC question

    Got home a bit tired last night. Decided to change watches to my VC 4500. All wound set the time - started to change the date and then my heart missed a beat. The darn thing was set at 11:00pm - well into “the danger zone”. Gingerly disengaged the date and wound the hands past midnight - the date still changed with a snap at midnight. Only difference I can now see is that maybe 20mins before midnight the date window starts to move, with the final snap over to the correct date at midnight.

    Favour: can other 4500v owners please wind yours through midnight so see how the date changes? Does it shift slightly before midnight then snap over?

    Usually I double check and even then set only at 7 - just in case. No idea why I didn’t this time. Maybe it was the 3h queue in Portugal to get home.

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