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Thread: Can anyone mod me a Seiko SKX013 to Yachtmaster style?

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    Can anyone mod me a Seiko SKX013 to Yachtmaster style?

    I've been tempted by some of the Seiko mods appearing on the internet and instagram. They are really nice looking and usually a decent price to allow daily wear. I have always loved the Seiko watch brand, i have had several of their automatic watches, worn them daily, never serviced them and they still keep great time and look good.

    I managed to find this site: who seem to sell all the HW you need to have to mod a standard Seiko watch to a custom watch. The prices seem good, but i do not have the skill to be able to make my own.

    Does anyone here specialise in modding Seiko watches, who might want to build me a yacht master like below? Of course, i would pay for this.

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    There is a list at the bottom of that site you linked to....


    Quite a few in the uk...



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    You may find that in the flesh rather than instagram mod parts don't look that good. I actually have that black stealth bezel from DLW for an 009 and it really isn't up to much. I have a black ceramic bezel too, it's more of a very dark grey, and a seamaster style that is a sort of turquoise. The colours just aren't right and lack any depth or solidity. I bought hands too, utter crap, dirty and pitted on delivery. While I'm at it I bought a nato from their sister company Monsterstraps, total total rubbish

    I know that's not what you asked, sorry, but I think you'd be better off finding a real watch in the style you like.

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