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Thread: Interior Designer

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    Interior Designer

    Just wondering if anyone had used one. I'm useless at choosing colours fabrics etc.
    Thinking about refreshing some of the house later in the year and thoughts from anyone who has used a designer previously would be welcome

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    Get some magazines, web searches and do it yourself. Much more satisfying.

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    We are using an interior designer for inspiration on our living/dining room area. It’s a large room with a 360 degree log burner in the middle and struggled to get any synergy with the space.

    Our designer has come up with some great ideas, we’ve started ordering new furniture and an electrician came round yesterday and today to start work. Just trying to source a builder/tiler/plasterer for the next stage.

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    My sister came over and transformed my house.

    She’s a nurse but has an uncanny knack for colours, spaces etc. The only problem is that she is passionate - which is why she couldn’t do it for a living.
    “Green, are you for real??”
    “You’ve got no vision”

    Definitely worth speaking with a (polite) professional.

  5. #5 or might present some ideas. Or look at posh houses for sale which may have been interior designed.

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    Having worked with a couple I’d probably recommend looking at some magazines for ideas.
    Save the money and do it yourself.

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    I’d say hire a designer you really don’t know what you want, or can’t be bothered spending the time yourself.

    However Instagram is now the No.1 tool for home inspiration, loads of good accounts with large following. Naturally the big accounts tag every item in their pics for sponsorship and kick backs which makes it a great place for finding stuff for your own home.

    Personally I’d spend a few evenings on Instagram looking at interior design accounts, you’ll certainly find a few to your taste then replicate that style in your own home.

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