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Thread: Is this a legit Exp. 14270 dial?

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    Journeyman Ozyjohn's Avatar
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    Jul 2014

    Is this a legit Exp. 14270 dial?

    Can I get an opinion on this dial. Is this a legit 14270 U Series 97/98 dial. I am unsure if the leg of the L in EXPLORER should be longer. I have seen some almost touch the O. Aside of that it looks okay to my inexperienced eyes. The pics aren't that crisp, but I can just make out that it is a serif font. Much appreciate your opinion.

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    Apr 2012
    Just one of the many nuances of Rolex dials. I can’t see a problem with that dial. Granted it’s different L to the one on my 95 14270 but the crown is also considerably different.

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