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Thread: Giving up alcohol, donít enjoy it any more

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    Craftsman ozzyb123's Avatar
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    Jun 2019
    I always find my first five pints totally disgusting

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    Apr 2016
    Ocasional drink. That's it.

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    I gave up drinking before I reached the legal age to, and then didn't drink again until I was 25. My grand parents owned pubs, and my parents an off licence, so access to alcohol from a young age was not only possible but in some way encouraged, at least in the home.

    I could go weeks without a drink, and could count on one hand the times I've had a drink when home alone, so I'd probably class myself as a social drinker.

    I'd also probably only been drunk a handful of times until I was 30-32, as I spent most weekends working in pubs and clubs.

    After that though, I had some crazy nights out. I rarely drink a lot these days, but I do look forward to a Friday night drink with good company. I've considered giving up a few times, but then I've discovered a new drink and it's kept myb interest a little longer.
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    It's just a matter of time...

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    Absolutely no point in drinking or eating anything if you don't like it - particularly when it has the potential for harm.

    The problem is that I like most things with the potential for harm, including alcohol in its many forms. I very rarely drink to excess but do drink something alcoholic most days because I enjoy it. Tried abstaining but it has zero effect on the way I feel physically, bodyweight or fitness levels.

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    I love drinking. It's one of life's great pleasures for me.

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    Started living with my folks since Covid started, and found myself drinking a lot more than I used to (I blame my father, and the lack of things to do in general..)

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    Giving up alcohol, donít enjoy it any more

    We went out yesterday afternoon for a few with friends as we are both off today, me all week. First time weíve been in pub since last March. Drank six pints which is a lot nowadays. The evening ended in an argument and Iíve felt terrible all day.

    Having not really drank for a year Iím now wondering why I bothered yesterday and seriously considering giving it up for good. I just donít enjoy it anymore.

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    I rarely drink and with getting older, the hangover lasts longer than any drinking session. I would buy my rounds in quick succession and then opt out to avoid drinking too much but often found a drink placed in front of me. I enjoyed the sizzling mixed grills more than the drink.

    At Xmas, I had a single beer at home whilst cooking and that was enjoyable. But as a lightweight anyway, one thing I do not want is to be is drunk in front of my children.

    When going to parties or weddings, I am always driving so do not drink. I can give up alcohol completely and it would not bother me.

    I think I still have two bottles of Peroni still in the fridge from Xmas!

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    Apr 2015
    Bedfordshire, UK
    I never Ďgotí alcohol. I can drink huge amounts. Iím a big lad. So I stay at nothing for a long time, pass through ĎMerryí some point through my 10th g&t and move straight into Ďneed a bit of a lie downí / Ďgod help me tomorrowí territory. So surfing that merry wave of drunken glow has never been an option.
    This coupled with a time in my life where 1 drink would produce an epic hangover pretty much cured me of Ďcasual drinkingí. It was a Caesar in Canada made with grey goose that made me realise that perhaps Iíd been doing it wrong and that the quality of alcohol drunk was perhaps important.
    By this time though there was no Ďhabit of drinkingí so itís not something I indulge in. Although if a G&T or Pimms is on offer then I might have one to accompany a BBQ on a hot day.
    I do wish clamato juice was more available in the UK as the Caesar is a wonderful creation.

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    Journeyman TomRea's Avatar
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    Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland
    I must say, as much as I love a tipple or two, or three or four... thereís certainly more and more times Iím thinking ... why bother. Must definitely be an age thing

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    the Netherlands
    I rarely drink, just an occasional glass of champagne (new years eve), a couple of glasses of very good wine with the christmas dinner and that's it.

    I do enjoy 0% beer occasionally in the summer or with Indonesian food.

    No need to drink booze. My wife drinks no more than 5 units of alcohol per year, she only drinks if it adds something (good tasting wine with a christmas dinner or when dining out occasionally).

    So no tee totalers but our alcohol consumption is minimal at best.

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    Aug 2018
    I had to give up alcohol 25 years ago ( aged 30). It was tough, but I started to appreciate fine foods more, and also desserts!
    My wife drinks a bit, my kids too much.
    I drink some of the excellent 0% beers, which seem tasty to me, but probably less so if you are used to the alcohol content.
    I would say, if you are thinking of giving up, do it. Nothing to be frightened of, and peer pressure is less evident as the years roll by.

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