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Thread: Submariner hollow end links - other options?

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    Submariner hollow end links - other options?

    Afternoon TZ,

    Anyone have a source for alternative Sub-case fitting hollow end links?

    Long story short, I've damaged my 16610's 501 B end links having fitted them to my Fortis Cosmonaut, prior to realising that a) the Fortis doesn't have drilled lugs and b) the Sub's end links don't have a channel to access the spring bars... The 501 B are still perfectly serviceable and back on my Sub, but clearly not going back on the Fortis!

    Therefore, I now know the hollow Sub end links fit the Fortis perfectly, and being unable to find the proper Fortis ones, I'm therefore looking for some hollow end links that will fit a 5 digit sub as then they'll definitely fit the Fortis.

    Any pointers for these? I'll need to cut a channel into the underside to enable access to the spring bars and will blast them to match the Fortis bracelet, so cheapies are welcome. Are there Sub homages out there with hollow end links sold separately?


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    Any pointers for the replacement end links?

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