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Thread: Oris Calibre 4000

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    Oris Calibre 4000

    While I am not sure about the Aquis housing this new movement, as I prefer watches with non-integrated lugs and I don't like polished surfaces, this new movement however is something else.

    It's Anti magnetic properties, large balance wheel, Twin barrel - Long Power Reserve & Constant torque, fine adjustment system and most of all a simple rotor bearing (sleeve) are genius.

    The rotor bearing deign to me is very interesting. It reminds me of the Rolex 3135 movement. This shows that Rolex were doing something right all along, despite Rolex now going to ball bearings like everyone else.

    Also it seems like 'only' a circlip holds the rotor affixed to the bridge. This is inserted and then turned 180 degrees it seems. In this way it cannot come off the arbor, in case of sever shock, without first rotating it 180 degrees exactly. Very ingenious indeed.

    If they would only put it into a 40mm watch, which has an all Brushed/Blasted finish and a non integrated bracelet.

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    They put cal 401 to new Brashear with small seconds sans date:

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    Isn’t there a big question mark for this movement over the ability to set the time accurately? A number of people have reported that the minute hand jumps a few minutes when the crown is pushed back in after setting the time and makes it a bit of lottery achieving the correct time - which is kind of fundamental to watch ownership.

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    I'm with you OP. I hate the Aquis bracelet and am waiting for a stainless Diver 65 with 5he movement. I'd buy day 1. My thought is the production number isn't high so they save it for things like the special blue dial or the Brashear in bronze.

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    Oris bracelet – significant benefits

    I love Oris’ bracelet because it’s incredibly comfortable and distinctive. And the characteristic lugs make the watch ‘wear small’. On the wrist, my 44mm Oris looks smaller than my 42mm CW.

    Also, I use my Oris for water-sports because it’s considerably more secure than a conventional bracelet. This Oris bracelet doesn’t rely on spring-bars — no worries about the watch falling off because of spring-bar failure. (Even NATOs have been known to ping off spring-bars.)

    I was uncertain about the bracelet from online photos, but it’s become a winning feature for daily wear. And while polished vs. brushed is down to personal taste, Oris does polished surfaces beautifully.

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