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Thread: Excellent Omega customer service

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    Excellent Omega customer service

    A few months ago, I noticed that my Omega Seamaster 2254.50 had started to run noticeably slow.
    It had never been serviced since new and although I wore it sparingly, it was probably due for a service.
    I live near Geneva and given the sunny weather at the time, I decided to drive up to Omega in Biel/Bienne. It is a very pleasant one and a half hour drive.

    I also decided to take my 1969 Speedmaster (which was running well) to see if they could fit the original hands I had for the watch instead of new hands which they had fitted during a previous service.
    About six weeks later, Omega contacted me to say that the Seamaster full service had been completed but the old Speedmaster hands were not the right hands for the speedie, and that they had refitted the newer hands.
    I drove up to Biel again to pick up the watches and I am very happy with the work done on the Seamaster.

    Unfortunately, when I arrived home, I noticed that the Speedmaster had stopped working and I was unable to get it going again.
    I contacted Omega, and reported the problem. I was told not to worry, and that I should send the watch back to them to determine the cause of the malfunction.
    Some time passed and at that point, due to health problems (I'm 75), I was unable to drive.

    I informed Omega of my situation and was told that arrangements would be made to have my watch picked up by DHL from my house.
    Great service. And it gets better. After a week or two, I received a call from the Omega service department saying that they had examined the watch and found that it was in desperate need of a full service.
    I was already mentally wondering how much it would cost when they added that in view of the inconvenience I had suffered, the full service would be carried out free of charge.
    I was speechless. I thanked them and sure enough, my Speedmaster arrived by registered mail today in a beautiful red box with a 2 year guarantee.

    What can I say. Good customer service is one thing but this was truly a wonderful gesture. Thank you again, Omega.

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