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Thread: 7750 movement service intervals

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    7750 movement service intervals

    Lockdown boredom set in over the weekend so I emptied my drawers and found my old Steinhart Nav B Chrono ll, I purchased this almost 10 years ago. It had a bit of wear during the first year or so and then got put away and forgotten about.
    A few turns of the crown and it started no problem at all. I understand watches need a service even if not worn, oils dry out etc, so I am going to check how this runs over the next few days and then probably send it off for a service.
    Who is good for servicing a 7750, or if it runs ok over the next few days should I not bother ?

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    Canít be 100% certain without stripping a watch down and inspecting it, but thereís a good chance that this watch will still be fine. My views sometimes conflict with the conventional watch repair trade, but I speak as I find. I have a couple of watches in a similar category, both are over 10 years old but haven't been used much and they both run OK with good amplitude and timekeeping.

    My advice is to use the watch, see how itís running, if the timing looks OK I would keep using it and have it serviced in 12-18 months unless the performance alters.

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