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Thread: Bricks and Mortar house v Holiday Lodge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave+63 View Post
    Maybe he’d have to sell a Rolex then!

    Good decision Mick, it’s definitely the best decision longer term. And having to walk to the beach is good exercise!
    Never sell a Rolex, It must be true because Mick said so :):)

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    Quote Originally Posted by broxie View Post
    Unlike Spain, there would be the minor technicality of gaining planning permission
    Chuckle true we´ve a little more ahhh, ´flexibility´, particularly if you´ve got the neighbours on side, they´re not inconvenienced by what you might do on your own land and it´s in keeping with the local architecture.
    Not quite the free for all it once was though, the authorities take more appeasement, are more on the ball generally. A lot less of the ´who you know´, so not a bad thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by draftsmann View Post
    Noting Mick’s mention of Dorset, I’ve always loved the Dorset coast but it’s always been expensive, I always assumed because it was just-about commutable to London if you were a masochist.

    I guess with WFH being reality for many of the demographic who can afford to live in that part of the world, going even further west is now a viable proposition.
    Nice, coastal property in Dorset is crazy money, I know, we've been looking for the last 3 years now. Most go to sealed bids and the agents know they are onto a winner.
    But it evens out once you get beyond holiday home prices. Upto about 400-500k it flies out but get beyond 750-800 and it's a far more usual property market.
    I've pretty much given up for now and will wait for a year or so and see if things settle down a bit (unless just the right thing comes along...)

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