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Thread: Drone sub 250g

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    Drone sub 250g

    I've been considering getting a little camera drone to use for filming bike runs on Cannock Chase and flinging into the air when we get lost lol. I know the Mavic Mini is supposed to be the best but I keep seeing cheaper alternatives and I'm wondering if any of them are any good? Need features like: Follow Me, 20-30minutes run time, Auto return (before battery runs out) and easy to use as I'm completely inexperienced. Is there anything budget worth considering or do I need to bite the bullet and spend 400 on an occasional use toy?

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    Might be worth getting something inexpensive to practice with first and upgrading later. Less pain when you have the inevitable fender bender with a tree.
    Not sure what is good on the cheaper end, maybe look at Hubsan range.

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    I have a DJI Mini 2. It doesn't have 'follow me' functionality. I think Huawei are bringing out a 249g drone that does have 'follow me' so there is some speculation that DJI will add the functionality to the Mini 2 via a firmware update.

    I did go down the route of a cheap 'practice' drone (Simrex in my case) but with hindsight wouldn't have bothered. The DJI is so much easier to set up and more reliable to fly - I should have just gone straight for the DJI.

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    The Mavic Mini is a great device, very sophisticated bit of kit and the Mini 2 is even better. The "follow me" function isn't included yet but must be coming soon for the 2. I love mine and the recent reg changes make the sub 250g ones even more useable.

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