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Thread: Timsons kiosk - £85 for watch battery replacement

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    Timsons kiosk - £85 for watch battery replacement

    The watch back on my wifeís omega looked a bit tricky so I thought we would call by the kiosk and get the lad there to do it expecting him to whip the back off and drop a new battery in. He takes a look on their computer. ďAh right Omega , thatís £85 but we wouldnít guarantee it waterproofĒ I pondered a moment, £85 to take the back off and fit a £2 battery! Nice work, no wonder they look after their staff with health schemes and holiday homes.

    I said thank you, brought it home, put my glasses on this time, took a bit of time and flipped the back off. Pack of 2 Maxell batteries incoming for £3.20

    I think I will restrict my visits to the occasional key cutting in future
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