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Thread: Timsons kiosk - £85 for watch battery replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobDad View Post
    Never had to replace one and they still look good as new. I’m sure it wouldn’t be impossible to buy the correct ones - probably fit better than the ones Timpsons would bung in. I think if you’re careful amd clean everything plus grease the gasket you’ll be fine

    Than-you. Just changed the battery and didn't grease the gasket but I don't wear it to swim, or even to wash up. I will make a note to clean and grease it next time.

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    Top tip for DIY battery changers for screw down case backs - keep the celophane that comes with greetings cards and cut it into squares to make case back protectors.

    These protect the case back from tool marks, such as fine scratches, when placing /adjusting a case opener on the case back. They use a Bergeon branded product that does the same thing in some service centres or during assembly in the factory to avoid the tool being in direct contact with the case back

    NB it does depend upon what tool is needed as some are more likely to leave a mark than others.
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