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Thread: Extracting Seiko Tuna shroud screws - updated with victory story!

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    Extracting Seiko Tuna shroud screws - updated with victory story!

    I would love to have some advice on this: I have an SBBN025 "Darth Tuna". Ebay purchase, all good. Except that at some point in its life, someone has tried to remove the allen head screws which hold the shroud on, and one of them is chewed up to the point that my 1.5mm allen key (which works fine in the other screws) just spins, without engaging at all.

    With my "amateur mechanic" hat on, I'd be thinking penetrant, then blowtorch, then impact driver, then a long breaker bar, then ultimately either drilling or using an EZ-out - but none of this seems applicable to the non-destructive removal of a watch shroud!

    I'd be really grateful for any advice on this - so far I have thought about careful drilling (which risks mashing up the hole in the case) or dremel-ing slots in the head to take a philips screwdriver, but I haven't the guts to try either without guidance.
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