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Thread: Scurfa Diver One Crystal Swap

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    Scurfa Diver One Crystal Swap

    Only a small mod this one, but I'm pleased with the results so thought I'd share it, in case anyone else may like to do something similar.

    I recently acquired a Scurfa Diver One titanium from the forum. It seems to be a great watch for the money and the dark matt blue of the dial and bezel complement the colour of the titanium beautifully. The only thing I wasn't too keen on was the single dome crystal, which distorted the dial view quite noticeably, as well as adding a little extra height to a watch which is already on the thick side for my smaller wrists. A quick swap to a flat mineral crystal and it's much improved for my personal tastes. If it gets scratched too easily I'll swap it for a sapphire but thought I'd try the cheaper option first and see how it goes. The rubber strap that came with the watch is superb quality but also quite chunky, so I had a go at converting an old nato into a two-piece, which also turned out quite well.


    And after....

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    Looks really nice. I do like those hands.

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    Image no2 reminds me of how a Marathon SAR looks at a similar angle.No bad thing because the SAR is a watch that I find easy to read, despite the fairly busy dial.

    The Scurfa dial is a less cluttered style which aids visual clarity.

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