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Thread: Omega 1953 TA appears on Omega web site

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    Omega 1953 TA appears on Omega web site


    "OMEGA's "NATO" straps evolved from the leather and canvas ones used by British pilots, navigators and army personnel during World War Two. For safety reasons, wristwatches did not use removable spring bars to secure their straps. Their fixed bars, often soldered, were less likely to break than spring bars so there was less chance of losing the strap. Of course, this meant that the straps were created in a single piece that slide through the fixed bars."

    This appears to be an 1953 Omega "Thin Arrow" British Air Ministry (RAF) issue watch, with unusually dirty numerals on an modern unbranded nato...
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    Nice pic but they could've done better than that. They have a minty fresh one in their museum!

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    Creative licence used in the copy I think.
    The MK11 and 53 TA were the one first watches to use the AF0210 strap. But they were mounted on pig skin straps as well.
    Not sure why they have used a British watch, a US set of wings and a modern Dave Clark set. All set on a US map.
    I don’t mind the dirty numerals though. The lume is a nice colour.
    Could have used a Omega NATO though
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    I think that I age has been on their site years. I remember seeing it and wishing they made something close now.

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