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Thread: WW1 era Depollier Khaki Waltham trench watch

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    WW1 era Depollier Khaki Waltham trench watch

    Just picked this up. Mite be the only watch I buy this year just been slowing down. Well saw this WW1 era trench watch on Ebay. It was made by Depollier with a Waltham movement and a depollier case with the trade mark name Khaki some one had the patent before Hamilton. It's what was engraved on the back Albert Ulrich USNR 1918. You see a lot of Army veterans engraved case backs but not many Navy veterans engraved case backs. USNR stands for US Navy Reserve well after I got off active duty US Navy I went into the reserve so this watch caught my interest had to have it. A few photo's

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    WW1 era Depollier Khaki Waltham trench watch

    Nice one RR. Beautiful movement.

    I love the ad, especially the way Depollier advise dealers not to substitute other makers’s ‘Khaki’ watches in their Khaki boxes. :)

    Be great to track down one of those ‘No Fuss’ straps.
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