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Thread: Wristers of London

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddelvirks View Post
    Great, but don't you worry about me, you first have to try something before you can have an opinion, so I did.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Well not too convinced about that, there are some things I haven't tried, that I'm sure I wouldn't like!

    Thanks I'm sure I will, you too.
    ďThe more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.Ē

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    Back in the 1980s Wang Computers (remember them?) had a European office in Germany. Apparently if you phoned them they answered "Hello, Wang Cologne"

    There, got this thread back on track. Wang -> Wristers -> Mornington Crescent

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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeeeeey View Post
    Unlike this Wristers of London thread which looks like it will never die. Shame, I wonder what Wristers of London think of this thread? I wonder what someone thinking of buying Wristers of London would think knowing Wristers of London use the term 'nonce' and think the word f'riendless' needs a hyphen. Would they continue to Wristers of London and checkout or just move on?

    Cockwomble_luke, with friends like you (and Ant) who needs enemies?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sinnlover View Post
    I have never heard of Wristers of London
    Reading this thread about Wristers of London, I will not be using Wristers of London to find me a watch.
    There are other dealers with better customer service than Wristers of London, who would call prospective customers names? Very childish by Wristers of London
    Nope definitely wonít be using Wristers of London.
    I note that nobody else on the thread apart from Clock Bait Luke has used Wristers of London.
    To be fair the chaps behind Wristers of London havenít called anyone nonce or any other names. Their self-appointed spokesman, clockbait_luke is responsible. He has allegedly checked with Wristers of London before replying to this thread, and Iíd hazard a guess that Lukeís actions werenít quite what Wristers of London had in mind if/when they okíd that Cockbait could speak up. One message he claims to have forwarded on their behalf and that message contains the following section:

    Quote Originally Posted by clockbait_luke View Post
    (...)Hopefully we can do some business and you can draw your opinions from fact not narrow minded snobbery.

    Thanks for reading

    Wristers of London
    If we assume Cockwomble wasnít lying about it and itís actually from the very Wristers of London, it is the biggest crime theyíve committed on here. Everything else is Cockbit Lukeís own doing, if we disregard his blatant lies about the mystery Ant being behind the Instagram nonce insults.

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    The main problem now for WOL is the word nonce, through this thread and the link posted (where it originated) algorithms will link Wristers, London, Luke, Clockbait, Nonce and other associated words.

    Overtime, anyone searching deep enough will see the word nonce linked to the company name, that will then generate the person searching to probably click on it making it a more current keyword.

    The WOL guys obviously like watches and photography like many of us here, Iím sure over a pint we would all get on and could probably talk for hours.

    Unfortunately the communication slid into the mire and here we are..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    Q How many TZ-UK forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

    Change? What do you want to change it for?
    Thatís an Air Traffic Controller joke!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDM View Post
    Thatís an Air Traffic Controller joke!
    I think it is older than that profession.
    It can be applied to any conservative risk averse group

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    Quote Originally Posted by magirus View Post
    When I saw the thread title I thought it must be to do with a private club for Gentlemen who like a little "fun".
    good to know that it's not only me

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