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Thread: Help from a upholsterer

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    Sep 2011

    Help from a upholsterer


    Wondered if we have any upholsterers on the forum

    I have an office chair I want to get reupholstered in a nice leather?

    Comes apart pretty easy I was going to try myself but its a bit curvy so not sure

    Any idea what a professional would charge, I am based in Nottingham or advice if doing myself

    Its a seatback, seat, headrest and two arm pads


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    Dec 2012
    Iím not an upholsterer but have plenty experience of them and office chairs. To reupholster in leather you will need a decent quality leather to upholster the curves, if you have to buy a hide then youíll be looking at a few hundred for that never mind the upholstery cost. I would use a good quality vinyl or PU (this is softer and more flexible) which will cost you a lot less.

    For a good quality PU I would suggest camira deca most upholstered should an have account with them if they do office seating.

    I donít know any upholstered in Nottingham I am afraid.

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    It might be worth contacting car upholsterers near to you.

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    Good friend of mine does car seat upholstery for a living. Maybe he can help. He’s in Nuneaton He has . Been in the industry 30:years. Pm me and I’ll send you his details

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    I work for a high end upholstery firm, we wouldn't touch it as it wouldn't be worth our while or the money we would charge you for a one off. BUT drop me a message we will almost certainly have some fabric/leather going spare if you want it

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    Scrounge a cushion or 2 from an old leather sofa that is about to be junked. and have a go yourself.

    Carefully remove the old coverings and use them as a template, and if you screw it up get a pro to do it.

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