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Thread: Mac LACIE Mobile Drive Format Time Machine Advice

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    Mac LACIE Mobile Drive Format Time Machine Advice

    Afternoon all,

    After some more IT advice.

    Iíve bought a LaCie mobile drive to back up my documents and pictures.

    I plugged it in and it should have started a setup wizard. It went straight to formatting. I then selected the drive in Time Machine. Backup seems to work okay.

    Itís formatted to APFS (case-sensitive). Is this the right option?

    The on-line manual seems to indicate that you canít use APFS with Time Machine even though that is what the Mac automatically did.

    Does the second point mean it is okay to use with Time Machine if you are running the latest OS?

    Mac is new Pro.

    Thanks for any advice or tips.

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    you need to format it as Mac OS Extended (HFS)

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    The APFS format youíve got is correct. Big Sur introduced support for APFS Time Machine backups. This is now the default format for drives used for Time Machine. It makes use of snapshots to significantly speed up the backup process after the initial backup.

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    Thanks both for your answers, wanted to check as I missed the LaCie auto setup and wasnít dead sure what the on-line manual was saying. Anyway, seems to be backing up okay.

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