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Thread: The linen dial re-imagined?

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    The linen dial re-imagined?

    I'm very much liking the new linen dialed watch designed by John Roberts over on Kickstarter:

    I did a little research on the Seliita SW200 movement and it seems like a reasonable choice:

    There seem to be quite a few finer points in the watch being put together that you might not expect to see on a watch at this price point.

    Anyone else thinking about investing in this? All colors look good but the blue one stood out to me. What do you think? Worth a punt?

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    I’m afraid I strongly dislike that. The dials look to me alternatively flat, or like those “fleck” trousers that were all the rage in the late 80s. The case is inelegant.

    And the quartz in the video - one assumes the best QC example - manages to miss the markers maximally... which doesn’t speak to an eye for quality at the brand.

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    I like the look of the Charcoal dial but watching the Video the automatic look's cracking but the quartz seconds hand was way off. In between each minute marker rather than spot on. Kind of makes you think if that's the quality control for a promotion Video it put me off even considering it.

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    Review here:

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    Having owned a few vintage linen dial watches those dials are far more subtle this looks almost scratched than linen dial perhaps a better description would suit it better. Also the idea that linen dials are no longer made there is the Aevig Thor which is to me much more true to a linen dial vintage watch especially with its hand wind movement. There are also far more expensive watches like the Citizen with the paper dial and Omega but thats not a fair comparison.

    Perhaps a Japanese Miyota movement may have been a better option for this but wish him the best of luck with his project.

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    The white dial jubilee is very nice indeed. A fresh alternative at a classic size.
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    I quite like the white linen but the font, logo and seconds hand balance really cheapen it, for me anyway.

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    And people complain about the Christopher Ward name and logo...

    Watch is ok, if not really to my taste, but I couldn't live with the name OR the font on the dial.

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    The blue dial looks more like denim than linen so denim dial would be a better name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rico View Post
    I quite like the white linen but the font, logo and seconds hand balance really cheapen it, for me anyway.
    The branding is horrendous, he literally opened Microsoft word 98, left it stuck on the default font, and typed in capitals.

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