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Thread: Recommend me a high-end oyster

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    Recommend me a high-end oyster

    Pretty much as the title really - looking for thoughts on a high-end, 316L Oyster style bracelet. Curved (preferably solid) end links; 20mm tapering down to 16mm.

    In an ideal world, perhaps an EZ link clasp too!

    Does anyone have strong candidates? Iíve been spoiled by modern Rolex bracelets and would like something that can hold its own on a lower-value watch.

    I believe a Ginault bracelet might be the best option, but very keen to hear of any strong alternatives.

    Many thanks!

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    Any thoughts at all?

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    Not sure about "high end," but these three offer excellent bracelets: (32 new 20mm bracelets) (7 pages of bracelets: bottom of <this page is catalog: pp 41-47)

    Good luck!

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    I do recommend the ginault bracelet, recently picked up the ocean rover 2, and the quality of the bracelet is outstanding!

    The glidelock works excellent, plus you also get a half link, and it's sterile.

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    Recommend me a high-end oyster

    Iíve been looking for something similar. Went to check out the Ginault bracelet on their website. It certainly looks good, not sure if Iíd want to spend that much. I had a strap code for and SKX that was pretty good for the money, suspect itís not quite in the same league as the Ginault.

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    A lot of the generic oysters lack the fixed centre portion of the end lug, which effectively increases the lug-to-lug on how the watch wears - that trick improves comfort for me (stopping the watch from rotating to the outer arm too much), so Iíd be keen have this if poss....

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    I saw the thread title and thought: "Malpeques!". But this is less helpful than I hoped. Sorry, no informed opinion to offer after all.

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    The ginault ocean rover has been recommended to me frequently and is available from ginault.

    Cant personally comment on quality but it seems to be one of the best out there according to hearsay.

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    Thanks Celia, itís looking increasingly like the route Iíll go down.

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