This is one of the only watches I bought almost immediately after I learned of its existence after having a watch chat with a friend as we both considered buying a Khaki Field Mechanical. He naturally bought the Field, and in the same evening I placed the Pilot Pioneer order.

Sometimes you see pictures and details on a watch that you know will be an instant hit for your tastes and at this point of no return not even the near double price increase over the Field could pull me back.

After it arrived I started to wind it and noticed how loud (in a good way) the manual winding gears were. Very satisfying and easy to turn given the crown is smaller than on my other watches. Pull/push action is very robust feeling too, a well engineered crown and I can imagine it lasting a very long time and gives the 100m WR additional confidence. The manual movement can be heard from 4 feet away too which is quite cool.

The case shape doesn't feel like a 36mm wide watch, feels more like a 39 on wrist. It's very distinct and IMO stands out nicely without being showy/loud. It stands out because of its vintage 70s vibe and when you look a little longer, notice the heavy textured dial, dial markers and handset gleam. The whole case feels solid too and the brushing is very high quality.

My only dislike was the NATO strap. I chose the more expensive leather NATO thinking I might like it but turns out I do not, and it's quite long too so I bought a ZuluDiver Italian rubber one piece strap from Watchgecko which is much nicer and comfortable, plus that smell of vanilla that never goes away. I also ordered a genuine vintage NOS 1970s Hamilton 18mm buckle which is still shipping s everything will look period correct with the bonus of the materials and movement being modern.

I thought the mineral glass might be an issue as this was really the only thing that initially made me hover over the add to cart button instead of going right to checkout. But in the flesh I realised that mineral is actually fine, it feels good and I have never scratched a watch crystal before and I have 6 Casios one of which is a mint mid-90s ultra-rare piece.

I have worn it during my MTB rides in near -2 degree temps and it hasn't been an issue. I have also been monitoring accuracy and well see for yourself!

[IMG width="430px"][/IMG]

To conclude, not much else to say other than sing some praise for this little watch. It's sure to be another classic in years to come and a genuinely pleasing watch to wear and look at with historical significance behind it. I am quite proud to wear it! It is not in the price range many would like, especially without Sapphire crystal, but it's uniquely styled enough and finished to a very high quality that the price can justify itself as there isn't another watch like it built to the same standard. The CWC W10 is very nice and £200 odd cheaper, but it doesn't have as good a movement nor does it have the fit and finish to match Hamilton.

This is my first Hamilton watch and have always been drawn to the Khaki Field range but never really pulled the trigger because of lug sizes until now when the Field Mechanical came out with the 38mm case.

The boxed crystal distortion is really nice, not as pronounced as the double domed boxed sapphire of my Baltic Aquascaphe, but still good:

Other pics: