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Thread: Screwdrivers

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    Or more specifically - a screwdriver.

    I want to buy a decent one for a few watches with screwed links. Not bothered by cost, and do not need a set.
    How do I get the right size?

    Its to fit a SeaDweller SD43, a SubC and a couple of similar.

    Im sick of the couple of crap ones I have, and the gnarly screws that result!

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    I think you need a 1.6mm screw driver.
    Bergeon is a reasonable make.

    Several on eBay.
    Plus here.

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    Another happy Bergeon user here - I got a single screwdriver with a few spare tips. Brilliant build quality that bites cleanly in the screw heads unlike with cheaper drivers.

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    Great - trying that. I have a couple of their springbar tools. Well made.

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