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Thread: Brightest torch under £15?

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    Brightest torch under £15?

    Been looking for a torch to Chuck in my bag when I’m walking the dog in a morning/evening as we like to go off the beaten track. I’ve got loads of the smaller 1xAA Cree type torches and they are great but wanted something a bit more substantial and brighter.

    What’s the brightest one out there around a tenner up to £15??? Specific torches requested rather than “Look at such-a-website” please


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    I've got one of these :

    Amazon price is a little above your budget, but it's very bright and well made.

    You might find such a torch in budget from eBay or somewhere like Aliexpresss.


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    I bought this for a spare I keep in the attic, for what it costs it works well.

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    Take a look at

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    If it must be AA (although I can’t get that cheap but it’ll be bad at that price) go for a Lumintop Tool 2.0 AA

    Around £20

    Can run on AA batteries (personally I’d get a couple of eneloops and a charger) or have fun with a 14500 (AA size but 3.7v li-ion) and a £10 Olight magnetic charger and it’ll prob blow your mind if you’re not used to decent lights.

    All the cheap ones are pretty generic and badly made. It’s like anything but the torch world is also a big rabbit hole of excellent products that’ll last you a lifetime.

    It never ceases to amaze the folk I’ll see without a torch at all dog walking or a really bad one at best.

    Have a look at products from Olight, Nitecore, thruntie, Fenix, Armytek etc. Have a look on YouTube and use your preference (AA in your case) as a key search, you might be amazed at the amount of content “best AA flashlights” (use the US terminology as more info)

    AA batteries themselves limit the power and it’s worth noting cheap light quote BS figures. A normal AA battery can only give X amount of lumens (can’t say exactly but prob Max of circa 150 lumens) due to its voltage output. You can get a battery of exact AA proportions (called a 14500) that is 3.7v but it’s li-ion and will require a specific charger but will give over 300 lumens easily.

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    I bought this from Amazon the other day for £17.99 & it's bright as hell. Also includes 2 rechargeable batteries with charger and pelican case.

    RECHOO LED Torch Rechargeable, 2000 Lumen Super Bright Torch with 2×18650 3000mAh Battery and USB Charger, 5 Mode IP65 Waterproof Zoomable Flashlight for Fishing Camping Emergency

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    We’ve got a few of these. Rechargeable battery which last for ages and very bright

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    Quote Originally Posted by awright101 View Post
    We’ve got a few of these. Rechargeable battery which last for ages and very bright
    Gotta love part of the product description hahaha

    "Portable adjustable handheld big metal police powerful LED torch for everyday use emergency outdoor travel camping hiking"

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    Any of the C8 based flashlights should fit the bill. Not cutting edge, but very a good design for cheap. I've linked a decent one, but there are hundreds of options.

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    The Sofirn SP10S looks really good and is about 800lumen. It has a nice Samsung lh351d LED can be had for about £11-13. I don't have one but have a li-ion Sofirn torch that is very good.

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