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Thread: Back to the Future

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    Back to the Future

    Ok, first a confession.

    Since buying a Garmin VivoactiveHR GPS smart watch in 2016 to record my regular bike rides I have only worn a “proper” watch on the very rare occasion that a special occasion warranted me wearing either my Speedy or DeVille, preferring to wear the Garmin all the time.

    Fast forward to the weekend before last and I unfortunately broke one of the lugs on the Garmin. As the Garmin is now no longer wearable, I have rediscovered my modest watch collection. I must admit I have been really enjoying my Speedie, both Seiko’s and one of my G-Shock’s. Currently wearing my Black Stargate.

    The Garmin will be replaced as I use the functionality but I am more determined that I will rotate it and continue to enjoy the rest of my collection.

    Anyone else experienced a similar epiphany?

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    May 2018
    Due to the financial consequences of the lock down I sold some of my favourites and bought a fenix 6 pro that I wore daily for months.

    It was great and I had ‘step wars’ with my wife and kids during lock down and it enabled me to keep on top of my fitness. I didn’t miss my proper watches at all.

    Then one day I decided not to wear it and went back to the few watches I have left. I have since added a couple of beauties to my collection from forum members after reaching out. Although lower tier financially, they are great and I’m enjoying wearing all my watches again.

    I may well charge up the fenix for Thursday though!

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    I had an android wear smart watch a couple of years ago and never got into wearing it. I hated having the notifications on my wrist I found myself checking it in the middle of the conversation with people or having to fight the urge to do so, resulting in either seeming rude or being distracted. I sold it in the end. It just wasn’t for me although I do still understand the appeal.

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