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Thread: Please read...hopefully some useful info for the forum.

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    Please read...hopefully some useful info for the forum.

    Evening everyone.

    I have no idea if this has been done or similar posted before however over the past 7 years since Iíve been on this forum Iíve received some great info and advice and wanted to put this on here. Not everyone gets to the PIT.
    If it helps just one person with a symptom they have which means they get test quicker it must be a good thing.
    Im not a health professional and this is only based around my own experiences with a positive test.

    My understanding of the Covid symptoms were a persistent new cough, loss or change of smell and taste and a high temperature. My experiences along with my wifeís were very different to these.

    I noticed a very light tickly, clearing the back of the throat cough at the very start, it was no way persistent and certainly didnít happen 3 times in an hour like is mentioned on the NHS site. From then until now the cough has stayed the same and only springs up every now and again and more noticeable after drinking or moving.

    I then noticed on the second day that I was very tired and found it very difficult getting my arse off the sofa, this then progressed in to a sinus type headache and pains in to my neck. I then noticed a very strange sensation throughout my whole nasal cavity and roof of the mouth which can only be described as on fire or like someoneís injected me with pepper. I grabbed hold of my aftershave at this stage and could still smell it but hadnít realised Iíd lost my taste. I then noticed my taste had gone when my wife made a cuppa later on in the evening. At no point have I even been blocked up which is normal for me when I get a cold. I then developed a very slight runny nose and my voice was hoarse.

    I then later that evening developed a temperature which made my face, neck and back very hot and sticky and when measured with a boots digital thermometer was showing 38.2.....this quickly passed with an open window.
    On top of this Iíve also had intermittently very cold hands and feet that are very difficult to warm up even with a hot water bottle.
    I have also completely lost my appetite have had no feelings of hunger at all.
    A mild metallic taste has also been present for most of this.

    I read from various reports that there was a huge difference between a cold loss of taste and Covid loss of taste, the difference being that with Covid loss was normally a total loss and not being able to distinguish sweet and sour, for me this was total rubbish. Although Iíve lost my taste and smell I can still distinguish sweet and can smell the merest hint of coffee. At the stage I was reading this I was using this as my assumption of being clear of the virus so please donít do the same as I did.

    SO Please, if you or any of your friends and family have developed any slight cough or have any small change at all in your taste and smell get tested and lock yourself down. I was expecting, wrongly, that the symptoms would have been more severe and in reality apart from the tiredness/ exhaustion and head pain mine have been unremarkable.

    Stay safe everyone


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    Interesting to hear someones symptoms described as they experienced them. Could be helpful.

    Glad you seem to have weathered it so far.
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    Interesting , thanks for sharing .
    Reading your symptoms makes me think that I mustíve got off very lightly .
    Mine started with a tickly cough , the like of which I get every couple of years . Itís never debilitating or exhausting , itís simply the type that you shrug off and carry on . The only time it gets uncomfortable is at night when lay down .
    After inserting my symptoms into the app , it recommended a test, which I duly took . 48 hours later the result came back positive . I was slightly concerned but began isolation immediately. The good lady also tested positive as did the two guys who I work with .
    My symptoms never changed from the original tickly cough ( which I still have btw) and a sudden loss of smell which returned after barely 12 hours . I never once had a temperature, or felt exhausted.
    My wife finished her isolation last night and, again, seems to have only had a minor case .
    Same with the two lads at work , although Ihavent had the full report from them yet .

    My main concern was if the symptoms would get worse but it turned out well enough that the only bit that bothered me was the boredom

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    Useful thanks. This is clearly a disease that affects people in many different ways.
    I donít think I have had it, but clearly I could have done !

    Take care.


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    Get well soon FFF. Whisky might help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk280 View Post
    Get well soon FFF. Whisky might help!
    Lots of vitamin D Iíve heard

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    The apparent lesson is that getting the virus is not an automatic death sentence. Even government figures indicate that only 2 out of 1000 71 year olds (my age) will die of it if contracted.

    You probably got more chance of dying from cancer or a heart attack by the sound of it.

    43000 deaths to date in the UK with 1.6m dying annually. That's a bugger all percentage.

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    Goat and FFF - glad it was ok

    Similarly light for me

    A sore throat - barely a cough
    one night of sweating fever
    A bit tired
    I really donít recall of taste/ smell were affected?

    Was ok after a couple of days - a week later I felt dog tired for one day and that was itÖ

    The scary thing is that ordinarily I would happily gone about my daily life - I didnít even need a paracetamol- My symptoms came on at work and I left fairly quickly and then the whole office was shut down the next day anyway!

    My wife was similarly light (more of a cough)

    Daughter had a mild temperature that disappeared with one dose of calpol

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    Stay safe and well, bud.

    Itís such a mixed bag, and thatís the problem IMO.

    My daughter of 18months tested positive a few weeks ago, after exhibiting almost no symptoms conducive with current guidelines.

    My partner and I, despite being covered in all the usual kiddie spit and fingers in mouths and shared food etc, tested negative. Twice across 14 days.

    Very odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick P View Post
    43000 deaths to date in the UK with 1.6m dying annually. That's a bugger all percentage.
    And the 45k deaths are with Covid not of Covid.

    The whole thing is an inflated arse imho.

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    Interesting reading. Thanks for the info. My oldest (lives on his own) has had his share of Covid. But being a young man helps... He -like FFF- noticed the absence of taste and smell. No fever. Only a splitting headache. Which is very uncommon for him. We (my wife and I) urged him to get tested and... he was positive. Now, 14 days later, he's back on track and he's allowed in our house again.


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    In addition to the symptoms identified, I would also like to add joint pains in the feet, ankles and knees. I was informed of this by a couple of friends who tested positive a couple of days ago.

    Wishing those infected all the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyg View Post
    In addition to the symptoms identified, I would also like to add joint pains in the feet, ankles and knees. I was informed of this by a couple of friends who tested positive a couple of days ago.

    Wishing those infected all the best.
    Yes I forgot to mention that, I had very painful wrists which spread to the thumb joint, almost felt like a comedy cartoon throb

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    Yesterday I had a test.
    Today I was informed the result was 'inconclusive'.
    So I had another one today.
    No symptoms, but it was needed as a precursor for being admitted to hospital tomorrow.
    Tomorrow I'll find out the result when I get admitted - or not admitted, as the case may be.

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    I got tested when I was in hospital the other day. First time I've had a test and wow there fun aren't they.

    I had some of the symptoms mentioned above quite a bit ago now. Didn't get tested as nothing matched the .gov symptoms. Who knows if I had it or not. Then again no one around me got any symptoms afterwards so maybe I didn't.
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    Just wanted to add to anyone with this that whilst statistically the vast majority of infections will pass without too much incident of course there are cases where that isn't the case and in such instances often an early warning sign is lower blood oxygen that doesn't necessarily manifest itself in the form of symptoms until later. I know most Samsung phones have a blood O2 monitor on the Samsung Health App, I guess other phones will as well so whilst this isn't as good as a proper hospital O2 monitor you should check every couple of hours and if it goes below 90%(above 96% is normal) get in touch with NHS 111 ASAP as they can act upon this before it becomes more serious.

    May be worth investing in an O2 monitor from amazon if not - here is a link to some

    This is one of the biggest indicators that something might go wrong so better to be checking to minimise anything truly unpleasant happening. Caveat I am not a doctor but this is what I have heard/read about.
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