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Thread: Just got this today Czech issued Eterna

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    Just got this today Czech issued Eterna

    Been wanting to ad one of this Czech Eterna's to go with my Longines just got delivered today . It's in great shape. The case is almost mint and the gilt dial and lume patina so nice,

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    I like it,how old is it?

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    About 76 years old. Was issued around 1946 just before Russia took over and you know watch quality for watches for the Czech military went down after that. The Czech issued Longines was the only one that made it to WW2 the Longines was issued from the 1930's to 1946. The Eterna and Lemania most think they were all issued in 1946.

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    Lovely. I have the reissue and although itís a nice watch, I much prefer the smaller original with no date.

    Great pick up

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    Also picked this up a Czech pilot badge lapel pin WW2 era to go with my Czech pilot collection.

    My Czech issued Longines with Soviet era Czech pilot badge

    The back of the badge has issue numbers on it.

    The issue marks on Longines.

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    What a beauty... awesome. Wear it in good health. Does it keep decent time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomas_Meinhardt View Post
    What a beauty... awesome. Wear it in good health. Does it keep decent time?
    It's about 10 seconds slow a day. The seller said it was service at the beginning of this year. Will have my watchmaker the next time I go to town adjust the time.

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    Mine says hi...

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