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Thread: Trouble with Paypal refund

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    Trouble with Paypal refund

    I'm hoping some of you can offer some insight into how to progress a refund from Paypal. I've clearly been scammed.

    I bought a relatively well priced watch [>£1500] on ebay using the "buy it now function". The seller had 100% and had been a member for nearly a decade.

    Within minutes ebay removed the listing and issued a refund. The refund was done via e-cheque. This takes some days to clear. After waiting for the refund to clear, it was cancelled and a new refund was issued within minutes by the seller. This has now happened three times.

    Paypal have said they can only process a refund if one isn't pending. However, as this person issues a [fake] refund within minutes, I never have the chance to get paypal to force the refund in that time. It takes 30 minutes to get through Paypal at the best of times.

    I've been around the carousel with Paypal several times now. They keep saying they'll issue a refund after the next failure, but they ultimately never follow through.

    Have any of you been through this sort of thing? What are my options for getting this done properly?

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    Iíve a simular issue going on at present,talk to your bank or cc provider.

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