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Thread: A Sexy Bronze Brute!!

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    A Sexy Bronze Brute!!

    It's a big thanks to Alex of Yellowdog watch straps for producing this wonderful rubber Tropic strap for my Zelos.

    I contacted Alex and asked if he would (Or wouldn't) mind me supplying my own (aged) bronze hardware for the strap.

    Alex had absolutely no problem with it and i sent the hardware off to him on Monday.

    Well today it has arrived, and I am delighted with how amazing this strap looks, the construction, attention to detail, and how it feels on the wrist. (So comfortable!)

    If you haven't already purchased a strap from Alex of Yellowdog watch straps, I'd highly recommend it. :)

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    That does look fantastic.

    I've had a few straps off Alex in the past and they are indeed excellent quality, the service is top notch as well. I looked at his web site last week and noticed he doesn't seem to do leather straps any more just rubber.

    I have the same style of NATO but in black leather.
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    Ermm...cough, cough.

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