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Thread: Grand Seiko WoS Edition

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    Grand Seiko WoS Edition

    Just received an email from WoS and did some searching.

    Thoughts on the watch?

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    always nice to see these types of thread started with the Op's views!!!!!

    Mine, well its a good looking dress watch, i like the dial but the wrist shot makes it look way smaller than the 39.5mm it says in the article, lug to lug length looks incredibly short, maybe its the angle of the pic.

    the PR at 72hrs is great, the deep green of the dial is lovely, i like the contrasting GMT hand although in the pics it doesn't look to match the GMT numbering in color which if thats the case is a faux par IMO.

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    Not for me. I need a GMT with a rotating bezel. You did ask for my thoughts.

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    I think the dial and configuration are beautiful. This is surely what most would consider to be in the 'dress watch' arena. The main problem for me with most modern GS is the size and thickness. Their top of the range springdrive GS divers are huge unless you are wearing it over a wetsuit and most of their other offerings are just a little too much on the large size.....but then I do have a 6.5" wrist so maybe I'm biased. Having tried a few on I will admit that they do hug the wrist quite nicely though.

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    Ruined by a 24 hour chapter ring and a GMT hand I’m afraid. Only my opinion though.
    I see the GS as a lovely dress watch of quality, although too small for my taste (shame) so it should not cross over to sports.
    Now if it had a moonphase, then maybe I would like that?
    Cheers and just my opinion.

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