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Thread: Lunar Watch Straps - a UK contender to the C&B Chevron?

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    Lunar Watch Straps - a UK contender to the C&B Chevron?

    I recently stumbled across Lunar Watch Straps on instragram, and when I saw they had a sale on the strap I'd been considering, thought I'd take a punt. I ordered the plain black single pass, on sale at £12 (down from £16) but can honestly say it's worth it easily at full price. The range of colours is a bit limited at present but there are also other fabrics and styles available - the nylon one I got, a perlon, a two piece leather and a 'Pertexo' which looks to be a silky 'herringbone' weave type of affair.

    Obviously they're a lot cheaper than the Crown & Buckle adjustable strap, and not the same material, but I'm very impressed by the comfiness of the one I bought - it's light enough on the wrist but not so much it feels flimsy or your watch flops about, and the nylon on it isn't scratchy at all.

    I've been chatting to Jamie, the owner (who is another watch enthusiast and very honest & friendly) and we actually chatted about C&B's offerings. His view is that there's enough business to go around and he's not trying to corner the market in his straps as thereís loads of good straps out there at all price points. He even went as far as to recommend my buying a chevron, although he's not tried one himself he acknowledges they're a higher quality fabric and price point to his offerings and(and I hope he won't mind me directly quoting him) "if the Chevron is half as good as people say then itís probably worth the higher cost including import fees".

    He's told me that he's got some upgraded hardware appearing on these single adjustable straps hopefully later this month, and potentially bronze hardware before the end of the year.

    The packaging the strap arrived with was nice too (the strap came in a nice little soft touch pouch, in a plastic bag inside a padded envelope) and delivery was faster than expected (ordered on the Sunday night and I was told it should arrive Wed-Thu, it actually arrived Tue!). I even got a personal acknowledgement of my order with a 'thank you' for supporting his small business within 10 mins of placing the order from Jamie!

    To be honest I'm more than happy with the quality, feel and look of Lunar's strap so don't particularly feel the need to try a C&B chevron unless I could source one at a cheap price and will definitely consider buying more in future (especially if the colour range is expanded too). If you're thinking of trying out an adjustable chevron strap and don't want to pay through the nose and have to import from the US, I'd thoroughly recommend Lunar.

    Thanks for reading,

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    Yeah, they do look good - thanks for sharing 👍

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