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Thread: Dead circuit board in 1982 Precista G10 Fatboy

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    Dead circuit board in 1982 Precista G10 Fatboy

    As in the title, one of my Fatboys has stopped working. A circuit board transplant from another watch confirmed the circuit board has packed up.
    Please can anyone tell me the part number for the circuit board and any chance of finding one?

    Thanks for your help,


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    The movement? ESA 536.121

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    If the OP knows what the movement reference is he's got more chance, but I think a spares movement will be the answer. Circuits haven`t been sold separately for most movements for a few years.

    I avoid old quartz watches for this reason, if the circuit fails they're dead and you're relying on a dwindling supply of second-hand spares.

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    If you are after a spare circuit you need to look for part number 4000 (standard Swiss part number for a circuit board)
    Unfortunately they are near impossible to buy nowadays, old stock sometimes comes up, but many people are on the lookout for these, so you have to be quick, and it may not be cheap!

    As Paul said above your best bet might be to source a watch with the correct movement inside.

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    Thank you for all your thoughts. I have swapped circuit boards before but I have run out of donor watches now.
    I have a couple of navigator G10 watches from 1980 and a 1982 fat boy had to donate its circuit board to get one of the navigators back in action.
    Even the beat up fat boys are costing a lot at the moment.

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    You have probably already seen this but there is an ebay listing for a number of ESA 536.121 spares currently running including a number of circuit boards. You could probably buy the lot and move the rest on loosing very little money.

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